Monday, 4 June 2018

BEECHWOOD : Inside The Flesh Hotel

In the age of gentrification when culture gets wiped out or too polished, rock’n’roll needs to be reminded of its primary purpose : raw, edgy, life-affirming sounds that take over our senses and provide primal pleasure. When it comes down to playing their guts out, artists either have it in them or they don’t. Beechwood has that fire and are a striking example of what music should epitomize to the core. Bold and fiery, enticing and versatile, these young New Yorkers know how to make the most of a wide array of influences, whilst crafting their own signature sound with sweat, blood and a few tears.

Inside The Flesh Hotel is a stylistic statement  that sounds neither modern nor overly retro, it comes out straight off in a league of its own. A flow of sensations initiated by a scream that prefigures the tone of the record, sharp riffs, a tight rhythm section and sexy vocals, in turn suave or crude, which endow the record with a distinct lascivious atmosphere. The production is tailor-made and brings out the chemistry of the three piece.

Ranging from sonic cathedrals like “Nero”, to funky glam numbers as “Bigot in my bedroom”, via the odd country song, each one in the band pens equally memorable pieces of music. They emerge as the one-off  love child of the New York Dolls, killing it with their audacity and flair. Their debut album Land of Nod had set the bar high and they fully substantiate their potential with Flesh Hotel. They have it all : the spirit, the groove, the stage presence, the sartorial class.  Think of your favorite outfits from the 70s, crammed in an ingenious latter day band.

Obstreperous and outstanding, Inside The Flesh Hotel pushes all pleasure buttons if you are looking for the real deal. Break the monotony and enter the flesh hotel at your own risk. A highly addictive vessel of songs to play at maximum volume !

Inside The Flesh Hotel is released on Alive Records on June, 8th 2018.