Saturday, 27 June 2009


This year welcomes the delightful return of The Dolly Rocker Movement who are alive and kicking in Sydney, breeding ground of the southern hemisphere.
Their psychedelic majesties left the mod machine to start a new journey through time that is utterly flamboyant and soulful.
Sitting at the round table of the kingdom of psychedelia, these bohemian knights undertake the quest for the holy flower power grail with swirling organs, dainty riffs, ambrosial vocals and florid kaleidoscope sceneries.

From the offhand way of catchy opener “The Only One” to the softness of “The Ecstasy Once Told”, Dandy Lyon and fellow Dolly Rockers get exquisitely melodic and groovier than ever, embracing the full spirit of the sixties, with the occasional shadow of Syd Barrett, Dandy being a spitting image of the Pink Floyd icon…
Our Days Mind The Tyme indeed exudes euphoria, elegance and freedom as there are no visual or cultural boundaries.
Alternately royally baroque (“A Sound For Two”), mellow and delicate with the great contribution of hippie princess Jules Ferrari (“Coffin Love” and “Enjoy A Paranoia”) or fiercely garage sounding (“My Heavenly Way”, “Memory Layne” and highlight “Borne With Gills” with stunning drums), this record is the band’s best album to date and the doorway to glowing utopia, a land of milk and honey, of eternal sunshine and mutual love.

Let these swinging Australians work their technicolor magic, they’ll hit you with a flower! This record is “sold for sinners”, dreamers and anyone who wishes they had lived in the sixties or wants to escape reality… Prodigious and timeless!

Our Days Mind The Tyme was released on Off The Hip on March, 18th.
Rank : Stormy High

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