Saturday, 27 June 2009


1966, most psychedelic year ever, in the heart of swinging London, the UFO crowd is most likely unaware that they are a part of musical and cultural history, losing their grip on reality in these ultimate underground headquarters.
As the Floyd starts playing arpeggios, people get carried away, whirling to colorful, lysergic and cathartic vibes, getting either dizzy or wild under the influence of alcohol and all kinds of drugs, their bodies get sweaty and pulsate to intense dissonant sounds and to a growing wall of sound, visions get blurry and double outlines reflect all around.
Where the heck is Syd? Is that Roger?
Lush riffs get under people’s skins while psychotropic light effects wrap their senses, until music gets larger than life, an omnipotent dimension where supreme rhythm rules and takes people to a higher ground, where music is the meaning of everything and where time and place tend to disappear.
The crowd is just faced with raw emotion, electrifying sensations and soundgasms, people’s spirits wander in reptilia while distortions reach their climax, instincts surrender and bodies and minds are split off, time is on hold all the way through when people go to orbit.
Cosmic, chemical, organic, outrageous and mindblowing at once, that’s what is called an experience…

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