Tuesday, 21 July 2009


La Patrulla Espacial put the B in the Blues of Buenos Aires. With a perfect mix of Hard Rock and blue notes they’ve called all of our attention back at the Tango country.
Their shows are a well packed conglomerate of lysergic sounds, psychedelic textures, the strong and fierce sound of blues and a mass of bodies influenced by them that move as one, a sort of a sea made out of dancing bodies.
A celebration of Rock, a ritual.

These guys, from La Plata (Buenos Aires), have been around for at least four years, releasing their first EP thru Mandarina Records in 2006 “Boogie en la Luna” (which later would be released as a 7’’ vinyl thru “Discos de la Flor Solar”, an independent label from Spain); and in 2008 (also thru Mandarina) their second EP “Boogie del Humo”.
In the same year, they released their first LP called “Todos los Ocasos”, 12 songs and 35 minutes of pure rock and lysergic blues, as they like to call it. The truth is, this album is one of the best I’ve heard so far this year. They bring back the ghosts of Pappo's Blues, La Cofradia de la Flor Solar, Billy Bond y La Pesada del Rock and Roll, Pescado Rabioso, (just to name some) with an originality, respect and color that you can taste with your mind.

“Todos los ocasos” holds 12 songs produced and recorded by the band themselves. 12 songs that you can freely download from Mandarina’s site, as well as the other 2 EP’s by the band. 12 songs that redeem Argentinean rock. 12 songs that together build a universe of sound that makes sense altogether but separately have a uniqueness and personality of its own, a whole milky way with its 12 planets. They truly honor their name.

*La Patrulla Espacial in English would be Space Patrol.

Rank: Say Hello to the Angels

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  1. una de las mejores de toda la galaxia.