Tuesday, 21 July 2009


Photo by Jeff Forney

Ironically named, The Meek seems to be hailing straight from hell with its evil and nefarious soundscapes.
“You” perfectly epitomizes the quartet’s compulsive aura and its trademark wall of sound with hallucinogenic distortions. The Californians’ sound is compelling : oppressive and yet surprisingly feminine with Amy Lee’s sultry and mesmerizing vocals, the four-piece thus builds a sonic cathedral of evil reverb and striking fuzzy guitars and brings out a chiaroscuro of emotions, a blazing inferno that casts dark spells and arouses you with its raw, droning and haunting visuals.
While the band seems to be caught in a cave, its ethereal highlights foresee a guiding light that keeps you wandering in an astounding maze, a fever dream that will blow you away over and over again…
Have The Meek crossed Arthur Rimbaud’s path somewhere along the ride? This could have been the poison he mentioned in “Night In Hell” from A Season In Hell:
“I have just swallowed a terrific mouthful of poison. - Blessed, blessed, blessed the advice I was given! - My guts are on fire.”
Get a taste of that exquisite poison, The Meek is calling you!

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