Saturday, 4 July 2009

THE WARLOCKS : The Mirror Explodes

"Destroy & Rebuild", such is the legendary Warlocks' motto, survivors of the decay of Heavy Deavy Skull Lover. Still racked by narcotic demons, our favorite Californians got rid of the skeletons in the closet but now reside in a house haunted by their own images.
With The Mirror Explodes, Bobby Hecksher & co plunge into a dreamlike voluptuous melancholy, inspired in the first place by a very sensual "Red Camera", a contemplative record, breaking with a cavernous previous album.

They redefine their wall of sound here, leaving out their noisiest effects to devote themselves to a shoegaze with hints of fuzz'n'drone, both syrupy and vampiric...
"Midnight Sun" and "Slowly Disappearing", reminiscent of the city of angels' blazing sun blow hot prior to blowing cold with "There Is A Formula To Your Despair".
Being less extreme, the atmosphere of the album leaves a strange feeling of restraint at first, repressed sensations bursting in lavish guitar layers, each play revealing a different glow.
The Warlocks concocted their most delectable elixir with staggering "Standing Between The Lovers Of Hell", the fiery and lasting imprint of a love curse where lies the very substance of the band: lust and frustration, fear and torture, chaos and fullness.
One stands between delicacy and neurosis with "You Make Me Wait", followed by a less inspired "Frequency Meltdown" and the disillusioned grace of "Static Eyes" has the last word.
If Heavy Deavy Skull Lover was to the Warlocks what White Light, White Heat is to The Velvets, then The Mirror Explodes can be regarded as the New-Yorkers' self-titled (without Nico).

Skillfully uncluttered, sensory and magnetic, less radical than Rise and Fall or incisive than Surgery, more accessible than Heavy Deavy and more refined than Phoenix, The Mirror Explodes possesses a unique identity in the band's career and thus appears as a turning point. The psychedelic sorcerers have at least a thousand and one sonic tricks up their book of magic spells...

The Mirror Explodes was released on Tee Pee Records on May, 19th.
Rank : Say Hello To The Angels


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