Monday, 10 August 2009


In 1965, Nico played her first shows at The Blue Angel Lounge, a NYC club. So, The Blue Angel Lounge, formed in Hagen in 2004, is named after and pays tribute to its famous fellow countrywoman.
A psychedelic band, this German quintet stands out from its peers in terms of form as their lunar and nebulous atmosphere evokes the dark romanticism of Cursed Poets. The blue angels' dreamlike dimension stems from its mysterious, disenchanted and penetrating singing, a ghostlike voice whose lament haunts you and gives you goosebumps.
But what do these lost souls talk about? About loneliness, pain, addiction, death and about love, of course.
Slowly but surely, "Looming Solid Massive Steamer" darkens the horizon and brings up precious rough edges, which are like little levitating stars, before the tambourine in "Ashes Round The Skull" electrifies and keeps boosting us.
If Nico was The Black Angels' 'godmother', who are second cousins of the Hagen combo, the German icon is for sure the mentor of the quintet who dedicates her the track "Desertshore", a vibrant tribute whose beauty is icy and poisonous.
Besides the recurring ghost of Nico, one can catch a glimpse of the shadows of The Velvet Underground, Spacemen 3 and also Joy Division in the Blue Angel Lounge firmament, hence one finds himself torn between narcotic dream (Orange in Green, A Hundred Years In Love) and biting disillusion (In Cold Water, The God), the whole thing being endowed with an elegant lyricism.
"I fear the devil in me" seems to be those tormented troubadours' motto. A exhilirating and spellbinding fragrance rises from these ten tunes, a scent that each listen makes even more delectable and hypnotic.
I bet that these German princes' "black sun" will keep blinding us over and over again...

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