Tuesday, 29 December 2009


It’s not often found visions of the the inner grounds.
It’s not often found visions of the inner self.
Sometimes they come to us in many different forms, life forms, mechanical ones.
In my case, I’ve found, after many years of searching, some of the happiest visions of the inner me while listening to E.T.M (meaning El Tío Motorizado aka The motorized Uncle).
If one has the time to appreciate and let yourself go inside the sounds, you’ll see that mass loose matter, and things begin to collide into one. Another perception of things begin to appear, and yes, it’s a journey, one that should be taken with the time needed to explore and see what it makes us feel.
We could be travelling through space, or inside a shiny box; like with any music ride it can be whatever we want it to be, but it certainly moves off the ground.
The real ground under our feet that is. It moves us forward.
This entire EP feels like something that came from another sphere of sensations.
Yeah, we can clearly hear influences, some kraut here, some psychedelia there with space rock in the middle; but who isn’t influenced these days? And remember this EP was released in Argentina, five years ago.
You think it sounds a bit too much, don’t you? Yeah I tend to be overreacting sometimes, but give it a listen and find out for yourself, If it doesn’t move the hair on your arms then I’m allowed to say you ain’t feeling much these days my friend.
The first impression is of a huge wave coming and going through the echoes projected in this six unique songs you’ll find on the unique EP (they never recorded another one) called “Viaje a donde te estrellas Vol. 1” under Mandarina Records, back in 2005.
This Argentinean band ended up forming two other great ones down here, La Patrulla Espacial and El Mató a un Policía Motorizado, and they’ve become, E.T.M that is, after some time, quite a mystery, and it can be easily understood why, once you listen to the EP you’re hungry for more. You feel is not fair they’ve only released only one piece of music work. It almost feels as in a near future, those lucky ones who got to be on one of this amazing and sense touching band shows, will be able to say with their faces high, “I saw E.T.M live once, you know?” and many stories will come outta that.
But those are the ways of music, sometimes we understand why, sometimes we don’t and I believe that’s what makes it such an important part of every person’s life, it allows an inner search for what we want in everything. Have you searched for what you want today?

Rank: Say hello to the fucking Angels!


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