Thursday, 28 January 2010


Could Berlin get any cooler ? Some of the most talented expats have landed there, like Scottish born Iain Ross and Duncan McKnight who almost literally “sailed one thousand seas” from his native California. Both formed The Flaming Banshees, rock'n'roll spirits in gaelic folklore.

Also a founding member of the mighty Virgin Tongues, McKnight’s side project is a refreshing effort, the type of music that brightens your day and gets you singing along in the rain.

Satan Is A Farmer is indeed a six track aphorism with diverse atmospheres that bear a peculiar trademark : they all sound like little poems or tales that have been adapted musically, the Banshees being masters in the art of storytelling.

Captivating vocals make each song more endearing, turning you into a companion or sonic confident of the band, letting you share each second of the boys’ adventures, as if you were reading your roommate’s diary.

These goldsmith pop songs could be the soundtrack to any day with a hint of magic, with the spooky Halloween gem Skeleton Cabaret that is awesomely eerie.

This record will not change your life but it will definitely put a smile on your face (“Rick Was Wright”) or will catch you dreaming away. Start the ride by catching the “Train Back Home” and let these demon spirits spread the love germ.

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