Wednesday, 13 October 2010


Dreams of the Wolf

Springlizard is a relatively new band and at the same time is not at all.
This duet formed by Jonah Schwartz and Andrés Barlesi (they both play banjo, guitar and mandolin) have been travelling through music for quite some time as both of them also play in Los Alamos and have played in other bands through the past years.
The album “Dreams of the Wolf” (Cuatrero Records, 2009) brought a mouthful of fresh air and introspective thinking to a scene that definitely needed it. It was handmade completely, %100 DIY and though the sacred names of John Hurt, Roy Harper and John Fahey have been thrown at me (and of course I notice the vibe between them and Springlizard), I also felt Jerry Garcia, David Grisman and their Grateful Dawg collaboration. It could be easily defined as bluegrass or folk music, but I like to think things beyond labels and superficial definitions, and by doing so, travel further inside the music.
If you care to listen, and I mean really listen to the record you’ll find that even through the instrumental songs stories are being told; stories that have also travelled, and have inhabited minds of who knows how many people. You can daydream through Springlizard’s music as you would under a fresh summer day or a bicycle ride under the sun with the grass touching your naked feet. And this talks about music that changes you and how you feel, that takes you to places you wanna be, that makes you see faces you no longer see. All in all that bring you enlightenment and yes, a different vision. Someone once told me after one of Springlizard’s concerts “I had visions I haven’t had for quite some time”, and I have to agree.
I find it also truly spiritual music; not in terms of religion, being that a completely different thing, but in terms of holiness and the feeling of a projected fullness, much like when our chests get full of air by a sudden sigh.
So maybe this is music not to be fully understood with our heads but with something else, unfortunately not all of us possess the sensitivity that’s needed to let go and take a step forward into life, but I’ll tell you what, fear not friends, this record is a sure nice way to get you started.
Rank: Say Hello to the Angels!


You can buy the recently edited vinyl at these stores in Buenos Aires: Infinito Punto Rojo, Abraxas and The Hacienda.

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