Tuesday, 26 October 2010


" Whenever two notes are sounded together loudly, precisely in tune and sustained, the conjunction of resonant waves results in a third note whose pitch geometers and physicists have tried to determine, but so far this question cannot be considered as completely resolved."

Three, a well-known symbol of perfection, a much dowered number that seems to hold the key to another world. : there lays the third sound, a secret society of sound aesthetes, people with peculiar visions and conceptions who aspire to a spiritual epiphany.

The quest symbolically starts at “Heaven’s Gate”. The Third Sound is part and parcel of a thorough Icelandic music collective called Vebeth whose icon is a dark upside down triangle of sight or perception, unlike the 13th Floor Elevators’ one.

This project includes among others Dead Skeletons, Singapore Sling, The Meek, Blanket Of Death and Go Go Darkness. While its peers sleep at the devil’s door, despite a similar amount of sophistication, The Third Sound comes across as more glimmery and serene, with impulsive outbursts aligned in its imperial guitars.

The Berlin relocated band stands cleverly unclassifiable, some might peg it shoegaze or psychedelic pop but there is something daintier and more esoteric about it that won’t let an astute listener be reductive. There are indeed several layers to the third sound, each one adding a distinct hint of magic.

Harmonious velvet-like vocals will welcome you through a maze inside the sound and you will find your way around if you listen carefully. “Re-Elevation” is your ticket to the core of the perception (see the triangles at the center of the artwork), it is beautifully dynamic and sinuous.

Meanwhile, on your journey to the solar third sound, you will observe sweet melancholy (“Long Way From Home”) until you get even closer to the holy grail with the flaming "J.S.D" and its exhilarating guitar bliss.

Dreamlike and cheeky in chorus, the quiver will lead you to the perfect circle with “Further Down” and its commanding echo.

A stately album that is outstanding and essential for anyone who is looking for sophisticated sound and aesthetics in unison.

The Third Sound is available through Outlier Records.



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