Friday, 13 May 2011

TWO STEP HORROR Living Room Music

Mul Iceland Drive

As far removed from its name as could be, Two Step Horror stands closer to immediate bliss, encapsulating sensual celestial sounds, longing fiery dreams that would make a perfect soundtrack for a David Lynch movie.

Being part and parcel of Vebeth, the Icelandic duo bears some idiosyncratic distinctive features, it is indeed pugnacious and eerie but it comes forth as more evanescent and luminous than some of its peeps.

Sprinkled with serpentine magic, the band’s mojo lies in the chemistry between Thordur Grímsson and Anna Margrét Björnsson, seminal sound aesthetes like Elsa and Henrik from The Go Go Darkness or the mighty Goldstars from All In The Golden Afternoon.

Their creative companionship started in the couple’s living room, hence the album title. Long dark winters have induced this hypnotic kaleidoscope of sounds and senses, a proper escape for the listener, a record that takes you far away visually and mentally…

Anna Margrét’s delicious ethereal voice, combined with dazzling guitars, is the doorway to a land of colorful skies, “Ambeth master” provides the giddy and rather precious feeling that you are flying…

“Dusty Strands” goes a notch darker, setting a more enigmatic atmosphere and giving shivers through layers of sweltering guitars that keep you poised and mystified.

“Hrepressed” includes a hint of madness, adding another dimension to the music before “King Bee”’s mellow charm and summery feel.

“Mental Arithmetic” strikes as an exquisite opiate song whose addictive substance flows through your veins until the final note, when you get sedated…

Ranging from sweet daydreaming to narcotic hallucinations, Living Room Music is a

gem of a record that lights up your days and spices up your nights with mystery and flair.

Long live Vebeth!

Living Room Music is available through Outlier Records.

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