Sunday, 22 January 2012


The world is no more, hail to the kingdom of death and darkness!
After an eventful and sinuous journey in space, The Cult Of Dom Keller has descended to the underworld.
Welcome to hell, “Call Of The Black Mass” is the doorway to the lowest of the inferno where you can hear creatures howling, where ghosts roam so endlessly one can feel and almost touch their spooky lament. The epicenter of madness is bursting with eerie energy. Lethally sharp, murderous guitars keep feeding your brains all the way through. Talk about doom, this is the sound of apocalypse!
Prior to reaching hell, the psychedelic pirates travelled across “dead seas” and bravely fought Poseidon’s wrath until their last breath, then wound up “heavy and dead” in god forsaken otherworldly premises. Like Orpheus crossing The Styx, “Untitled” chills your blood while you wonder what comes next for the cult warriors.
“Ghost Bones” will come and haunt you, providing hallucinations with its layers of guitars that gradually knock you out , the vocals sounding more ethereal than ever, from beyond the grave…
At this point, are you aching because you are dying or feeling frightfully alive? This is how it feels to live your life dead.
"Black Pullet Blues" makes a memorable epilogue as the soundtrack of the end of the world and yet overflows with vital exertion, with sounds so sharp and intoxicating that they get straight to your spine and leave you high on noisedrenaline.
This sees the resurrection of The Cult Of Dom Keller, greater than God and Light and outsmarting Hell and Evil Forces.
Long live The Cult Of black magic!

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