Sunday, 29 September 2013


Light and darkness, serenity and chaos, bliss and doom are the realms that surround the Crystal Stilts.
Deeply rooted in the imaginary while also firmly gripped into reality, the five New Yorkers have been exploring and nurturing an intellectually-stimulating escapism, combining a variety of refined influences and never stating the obvious.
The Brooklyn band has indeed crafted its own musical stream of consciousness, far from conventional standards.

Back with the ominously titled third record Nature Noir, they have gone dreamier than ever, propelling the listener into vast visual landscapes and untamed wilderness.
This album is wrapped in enchanting mellowness despite the few tongue in cheek oxymorons found in song titles.
The enrapturing “Star Crawl” emerges as one of the most solid tunes on Nature Noir, encapsulating all kinds of uplifting mental pictures and heavenly sights.
In the blink of an eye, "Future Folklore" brings one back to the streets of The Big Apple, its cheeky vibe instantly reminds of The Velvet Underground’ s “Run Run Run” and makes it the most down to earth track in an overall cosmic atmosphere. You can take the band out of NYC but you can’t take NYC out of the band, hence the pure essence of the Stilts who know how to reinvent themselves and remain restless and elegant at the same time.
The record sound flows and musically overlooks the alarming state of the planet, focusing on the healing and heartswelling side of nature. The song “Nature Noir” epitomizes the fullness and quintessence of an album whose sensory input is accomplished.

Rumi said: “You were born with wings, so why do you prefer to crawl through life?”

The Crystal Stilts are reminding us how to fly with this dopamine enriched pristine gem, manufactured by the last generation of mindblowing dandies.

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