Saturday, 25 January 2014


Few things are more enticing than a good record sleeve and Earth Heat Sound is one of the best I have seen, being utterly eye-catching, enigmatic, original and scrumptious. It also encompasses good karma and oozes serenity and sex appeal.
Leopard butterflies, tree of life, deep blue skies, dovelike clouds and baby doll hair, these elements are like a surrealistic collage that reminds of a Dali painting and endows the viewer with the wonderful sensation of floating.

As the title tantalizingly sets the tone, this record is ruled by the elements.
The aptly named “Awakenings” possesses an intense otherwordly and sensorial atmosphere that makes you step into unfamiliar, yet reassuring territory. 
It is an uplifting beam you feel inevitably drawn to… The record is permeated with this peculiar glowing vibe, a powerful cure for seasonal affective disorder.
Earth Heat Sound is colored with various influences which just beautifully mingle, from sixties psychedelic rock to shoegaze. The vocalists complement each other perfectly, one can hear a peaceful energy in their vocal harmonies, some of which may remind of Grace Slick and The Jefferson Airplane but Liam Watkins at his loudest can also sound a bit like Bobby Gillespie, something in his genes, I guess…
The Minneapolis band hits the bull’s-eye with “Sleep Away” which crystallizes the best of its chemistry. Its percussions have a growing power, they will take you to the top of the sky, amongst celestial creatures and leopard printed butterflies, and will give you a fine adrenaline rush.
Mysterious as can be, “21A”, the final track on the record, is an extensive and ambitious number which covers its tracks and leaves a lasting imprint on your mind, its rich and unusual structure increasing its impact tenfold. This is a song that can leave you completely mystified. The last notes and sounds echo the opener “Awakenings”, with that same compelling hint of magic.

First Communion Afterparty have reached a new landmark with this record which, like a book, is compound of several levels of interpretation thanks to its groovy layers, ambrosial voices and eerie bits and pieces. A precious work that will for sure delight escapists.

Earth Heat Sound was released on December 21st 2013.

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