Wednesday, 22 February 2017


Stepping into Hope Sandoval and Colm O’Ciosoig’s realm is a penetrating experience, to say the least. It is imaginary and sensory travel, away from the city, in the heart of the great outdoors and its mysteries.
Partly recorded at the cylindrical  Martello Tower in Ireland, isolated from the hustle and bustle, Until The Hunter makes one picture a cabin in the woods, a nearby lake, wildlife, elfins and fairies mostly populating the surroundings. The shamanic “Into The Trees” takes the listener to the epicenter of that peculiar hazy and meditative atmosphere with a whispering background and bone-chilling organ.
Sandoval’s vocals contribute to the spooky hypnotism of the opener and whole record : it’s a guiding light through a long walk in the sticks, full of twists and turns, an eerie awakening.
Her “I miss you” are goosebumps triggering.
One is captured and hooked here, under the vocalist and storyteller’s thumb.

A bucolic and more classic tune follows prior to the malicious strangeness of a “A Wonderful Seed”, a rêverie shaped lullaby and a haunting little piece of storytelling. It is spellbinding and Nick Cave worthy.
Fluctuating in rhythm, “Let Me Get There” with Kurt Vile is an uplifting duet of majestic magnitude.
Oscillating between soft spoken ballads and up-tempo numbers, The Warm Inventions spin their web with kaleidoscope decor and hallucination inducing detail.

As if emanating cosmic radiations from her abode, Hope Sandoval gives the impression of nearly floating in the air. “Liquid Lady” makes a stunning album closer, releasing spirals of  raw sensual energy, as if morphing from terrestrial to otherwordly form. “I’ll hush you, keep you warm, like a hurricane into a storm. I’ll keep you in my satellite and I’ll hide the devil’s eyes…”
A singular and organic emprise, Until The Hunter insinuates itself through your mind and earbuds, stimulating your imagination whilst pleasing your senses. A riveting record that gives an urge to book a cabin in the woods and reconnect with your wild self.

Until The Hunter was released on Tendril Tales on November 4th 2016.

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