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Thursday 21 February 2019

GIRL SKIN : Lovemore

As a member of the outstanding band Beechwood,  multi-instrumentalist Sid Simons brings some infectious groove and has penned some cheeky numbers that can't go unnoticed. Both “Bigot in My Bedroom” and “Sucker” got me hooked and enticed me to explore his side-project Girl Skin. Sid's knack for songwriting is substantiated by the diversity of his songs, from bright ballads to bittersweet tunes filled with melancholy.
A striking example of his versatile prowess is the EP Lovemore he recorded with his girlfriend Foster James.
The picture perfect couple created a musical chemistry reminiscent of Gainsbourg and Birkin in some regards : sensual and witty, with a quirkier or more caustic side, depending on the track. Foster James's stupendously husky vocals magnify some sibylline and mercurial velvet tapestries such as “Fine Wine” or “Where Did Your Truth Go?”, Hope Sandoval inevitably springs to mind here as both vocalists possess that one of a kind suave and alluring pitch and texture that leave you longing for more. The analogy to Mazzy Star is also atmospheric, the pair nurtures intimate and languorously immersive ambiances like Roback and Sandoval.
“Darling” is the most enchanting song on the EP and a cracker of a melody. Miles away from the previous influences, its pop perfection and harmony is wrapped in a Lennon like beguiling swirl that feels like proper dopamine, it is a declaration of love and an utterly uplifting piece of music, an ultimate mood changer which is unadulterated bliss. Girl Skin have captured the essence of song structures that can insinuate themselves into the listener's psyche with sweet or cunning disguises.
A radiograph of two pulsating hearts which echo sonically to conquer their audience, this may be the best romantic match in the current music scene. “Meeting you was like being introduced to me.”, Foster sings in “Skin”.
Either with the rest of his outfit or with his partner and muse, Sid Simons's ability as a melodist is fully promising and appealing to all kinds of ears and also stands resolutely unlike any current trend, a breath of fresh air. Stay tuned for Girl Skin's adventures, their next landmark will be a full length debut record, to be released this year.

Lovemore was released in 2018.