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Ireland has a strong brotherhood, one that's standing on the piles of loyalty and true love for music. One that's out there kicking the man's ass without bragging about it. One that's been fastly growing over the last two years into a movement with a renewed point of view.
Danda Paxton, guitar & vocals from TBM gives us some truth!

Hattie Carroll: How long has it been since the Movement started?
Danda Paxton: We started in early 2008 from the ashes of our old band Mainline.

H.T.: What happened there?
D.P.: Just fizzled out, we all took on a new sound and a new direction. We went back to our roots, so to speak!

H.T.: What's behind the name of the band?
D.P.: It’s pretty simple, we just believe in making the best music we can, we are sick of hearing shitty bands all the time, so we have taken it upon ourselves to start The Brothers Movement to show the world what good music is! What our music is that of THE BROTHERS MOVEMENT!

H.T.: "BLIND" was a big step forward for you guys, how was the process of writing and recording it?
D.P.: I was just sitting at home still pretty depressed by how we let our past managers fuck us over and how silly we felt looking back on it, so I just picked up my guitar and “Blind” came from that.

H.T.: You've played with bands you admire, tell us what did that bring to the band?
D.P.: When you play with great bands you just up your game, it’s always a pleasure to open for bands you love and respect, and when they show you love it’s a great compliment, I know we will do the same in the future.

H.T.: Tell us more about the new video for "Blind"?
D.P.: Well it’s kinda old now but it speaks for itself really!

H.T.: You recently toured North America, how was that for you guys? Is the music business finally opening up for indie bands or do you feel it's more of a battle you've won on your own?
D.P.: It was great to get to the States to tour, we love it over there and every time we have been there we have had a blast. As far as the music business opening up for indie bands I’m not sure, it’s always been a battle for us as I’m sure it is for every band that have no funding and go at it alone. One thing I’ve noticed over the last few years is that there is so much good music that goes under the radar, and people don’t get to hear it because the fat cats don’t see it selling shit loads of records! But maybe that’s the beauty of finding an amazing band that no one has ever heard of!

H.T.: I know you guys are adding the final touches to the LP, how was the whole process? Where was it recorded?
D.P.: The album is now complete and is coming out pretty soon, we are releasing "Standing still" on the 19th of October and the album will follow shortly after that, we can’t wait to get it out there for people to hear, its been a long time in the making!

H.T.: About the LP artwork for "BLIND", did you work with other visual artists or did you design it yourselves?
D.P.: In the end we found it very hard to get what we wanted, I mean we had some great people do some great stuff for us (that's you Nad, ha ha!) but we couldn't get something to fit what we needed, so in the end we just came up with it ourselves, we are really happy with the outcome it looks great!

H.T.: Which bands would you most like to play with that you haven't yet and why?
D.P.: To be honest I think we have played with everyone that we have wanted to! We really have supported some great bands: Doves, Sonic Youth, Jesus and Mary Chain, Dandy Warhols, BRMC, Primal Scream… it was great to play with these, but there is always that thing of "always the bridesmaid and never the bride" kinda feeling we get from supporting bands all the time! Ha ha!

H.T.: What are your views on the underground scene in Ireland and what part does TBM play there?
D.P.: Put it this way: it’s very small over here! It’s like a pack of dogs fighting for scraps! I do think there are a lot of great bands over here and feel it’s a bit neglected.

H.T.: We all know that the music business most of the times, if not all, doesn't support true artists. What do you think should be done? How could we revolutionize it?
D.P.: I just think bands need to take more control!!!!

H.T.: What's ahead for TBM?
Well the single is due out on the 19th of October and the album will follow in November sometime. And we will be heading out on the road to tour it, we are really excited as it’s our debut album and are really proud of it!!!!!

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