Tuesday, 13 October 2009


Artwork by Mi Babui

Howlin’ guitars, demoniac voice whispers; and a strident and galloping rhythm line set by a fierce drum sound and a strongly played bass.
All in all, it feels like you’re being pushed off a cliff by a thousand horses that run you thru, but instead of falling you get suspended in the air; inside the music.
At times, the feeling might go from intoxicating, wild and dizzy, to relaxing almost Zen like; and in every moment there’s always fire bringing sound to life.
Ufesas play their songs as if it is the last time they are playing them, and that makes them poetically epic.

With the arrival of their second EP “Black Ride” edited as a 7’’ vinyl thru Droehnhaus Records (Germany) they’ve given us a second chance to recognize one of the best bands Latin American true rock has. The EP has two songs, the one that gives the EP a name and “The Destroyer” also available on their 1st EP.
Both songs have a determined force that pushes them forward, they’re not “circular” songs, the movement of the beat and harmony may repeat, but the feeling doesn’t go round, it’s something that shoots up forward.
“The Destroyer” has a strong sensation much like an adrenaline rush; “Black Ride” takes you inside a journey, a sort of ritual passage, from darkness to light, and it’s clearly represented with the acoustic ending of the song.
One thing’s for sure, your body surrenders to the sound, it’s impossible to listen to Ufesas without your body making involuntary movements.

They stood up during 2008 with their self titled 1st EP; using the good old “do it yourself”. They produced and recorded themselves (with the help of Nicolás Demczylo) just to see what would happen; and many things did as they arose from the grounds of Canelones. That same EP has been released in the UK by Skittlebrau Records, and Sadness Discos in Argentina also supports them. They’ve also formed their own label Folie A Deux Records which right now is starting to support promising bands from Canelones such as Sympatheia; they’ve been greatly reviewed by many rock sites and other fellow musicians have shown their camaraderie; they’ve played in Buenos Aires before they even played in their own country, and they have maintained gigs since then.
What started as a group of friends enjoying Joey’s garage, ended up as a strongly built band with much to offer.

There’s no posse here, just overwhelming sound designed to play tricks with your head. There are no gestures, winks or anything like that pointed to get anything from anybody, only what four guys from a small town in Uruguay give on a stage and thru a record; precious minutes of strong felt rock and roll.
And in a moment where rock is battling, refusing to become another fashion and the industry of “cool” (as Lester Bangs would say) is taking over; that’s a lot to give my friends.

Rank: Say Hello to the Angels

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