Thursday, 27 May 2010


Sometimes things happen accidentally, and the Hurricane Heart Attacks EP came as an accident to me, and as a surprise as well, a good one that is.
I was going through the site of an excellent photographer I know, Jota Humada, and I found it there, Jota belongs to the band as well. He and his co band member, his brother Charly, with the help of friends Corco and Leo, have created an EP that’s full of longing and light.
And yes we can hear echoes of bands such as Los Alamos, Springlizard, BJM or The Warlocks, just to name a few that have embraced the genre. But this two man band has managed to give an original and personal twist to the psych-folk side of rock and roll.
The two of them play all the instruments we hear in this lovely and lively EP, electric & acoustic guitar, tambourine, keyboards, a drum used in Argentinean traditional folklore music called legüero, bass, & harmonica. And I think that adding a legüero drum has given the sound a mixture of the North American strong hearted folk music, such as we can taste in “The One”, with the plains of our Argentinean deserts and dry climates, also a very strong part of our culture. It brings the sound closer to home.
The rough but sweet voice also adds a mixture of textures that gives the whole sound a picturesque equilibrium.
I have listened to the EP many times now and it has brought something new to my EP listening habit. It feels fresh as the first time, the feeling hasn’t changed and it has stayed. That, I find extremely appealing.
The sound is very open, it has reminisces of nature and its embrace. One has the feeling, after listening to it, that our feet want to go out and start looking for whatever is we want to be close to. And the many direct and not so direct mentions of religion, make the whole sound mysterious and dark as well. It gives me (and this is subjective) the urge to look up, which is good because though I won't find God, I'll come across new things that we sometimes fail to discover as a result of being immerse in our own private holes.
Another Argentinean band that manages to produce itself with great results and something more than good to offer.
Definitely a good time to be in the southern country.
This is good music to fill your chest with air and build roads with your feet.