Friday, 11 June 2010

THE FROWNING CLOUDS - Listen Closelier-

Have any of you (besides antipodeans) heard of Geelong, Victoria in Australia ? Remember that name because a bunch of cheeky kids poetically named The Frowning Clouds have put their town on the map with their groovy retro sounds, making this year sound so 1965.

Don’t get me wrong, this ain’t no rip off, those fellas’ know how is impressive. This is revival endowed with pure wit and magic. Shake your booty, folks, their debut album Listen Closelier kicks ass with its thirteen enchanting tales of love and heartache, bursting with cleverly bold lyrics, wicked cool vocals, snake charming harmonica and tasty riffs that instantly get under your skin.

This may for sure not be original but, boy, those crazy cats’ mojo is astounding. They are Brian Jones and Sky Saxon’s legacy from down under and have thus managed to capture the spirit of the sixties garage and freakbeat better than any of their peers, a spirit filled with the power of nostalgia and with sweet sarcasm that makes them so special.

Listen to this album once, you'll get hooked and will want to hear these lovely mods' stories and adventures over and over again...

He’s got a palace and my cave is made of stone,

but I ain’t jealous that I live out on my own

Don’t need no dollar signs, I don’t need a dime,

I got my ways, girl, I’m gonna make you mine.

("I saw you")

Please Yo’Self, this is exquisite ear candy to overindulge to. Who needs a time machine when 2010 sounds so awesomely yesteryear?

Listen Closelier was released on Off The Hip on March, 8th 2010.

Rank: Stormy High

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