Wednesday, 16 June 2010


Artwork: Esteban Lussich // Photo: Camila Gonzales Jettar

Dinamita & La Swing Factory are an Uruguayan band; and as much as their sound might take you to other further away places of this Earth, their strong and forward attitude brings you back to the southern hemisphere.
They have released a month ago their first LP, both in Uruguay and in Argentina, which is called “Rio Bravo”.
This excellently recorded album, with a very smooth and clean sound, has in its eleven songs a well balanced and sparkling mixture of glam rock, hard rock, a slightly southern rock feel and a bit of funk as well!
And although we can hear reminiscences of T-Rex and BC52’s (those beautiful chorus girls that add not only the feminine touch to the whole album, but one hell of an atittuted as well) just to name a few; this band has a uniqueness captured in the seductive and metamorphic voice of its singer.
The band, which sings songs in both languages, spanish and english, have an up beat tempo in almost every song (I’m excluding “Interzone” which is a very sensual song which starts as a blues and finishes as a hard rock ballad), even when they’re talking about broken hearts and lost lovers, poison and death; and that up beat tempo keeps you up above during the whole ride.
This 5 member band (two girls and three boys) have delivered a very interesting first album which deserves to call your attention and show once more how polifacetic Uruguay can be when it comes to music, one thing is for sure, Uruguay sweats rock and roll!

You can freely download the whole album HERE!


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  1. I am a big time fan of this band, spacially Federico, (guitar and vocals), fine musician, whos always open to new boundries, reaching high quality sounds.
    And above all, a great human, and better friend.