Sunday, 1 August 2010

THE VACANT LOTS : Hypnotized

Who the hell are The Vacant Lots ?
Vermont’s best thing next to a famous ice-cream make and, more crucially, a combo of music warriors who stand halfway between the county of psychedelia and the untamed lands of old school rock.

Guitarist and vocalist Jared Artaud and his partner in crime Brian MacFadyen have released their third effort Hypnotized, a bunch of dreamy songs embedded with drone.
Accurately named, the record will catch you wander around in space while howling Artaud sings about life, love, hate, destruction and divine intervention…
More contemplative than their previous albums, Hypnotized nonetheless turns out to be more profound in its topics and also more significant in its metaphors. Its visual and sinuous charm will take you far beyond the shores of New England.
If you don’t pay attention to the lyrics content, you may think that the tunes are a tad similar. They actually happen to be a pattern of clever variations with a leitmotive that gradually insinuate themselves inside you.
Those who are fond of unpolished minimalist material will definitely give The Vacant Lots the light of day.
“Love” unleashes an outburst of frenzy in a pretty mellow song, reaching another level of intensity and making the highlights of their tunes unpredictable.
Butch Artaud & Fadyen Kid know the score and shine the most when they let out their raw energy. Just listen to “Man” and its compelling appeal echoed by the final two treasure tracks “When The Lord Comes” and “Revolution”.

Fluctuating between vehemence and daydreaming seems to be the key, let’s stay tuned for the band’s next adventures in sound…

Hypnotized was released on Ancient Hills Music.

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