Monday, 29 February 2016

NIGHT BEATS : Who Sold My Generation

Dropping the needle on a Night Beats record equals cranking up the volume and letting its hot sounds enrapture you. Although this three-piece is based in Seattle, they are as southern as can be in their musical signature. Raw soundscapes that pulsate far and wide, faster than Townes Van Zandt gulped down a bottle of whiskey. 
These Seattleites are voracious psychedelic explorers, learning from the holy grail sources but adding their own touch and energy to the canvas, making highly colorful tapestries of urging sounds, magnified by Lee Blackwell's vibrant vocals. The song patterns may seem simple enough, which actually makes them more instant  and speak to the listener's guts and senses. Anyone who has attended their shows may attest to that and is likely to get Night Beats withdrawals all night long. The power of tasty music is long-lasting. 
Robert Levon Been from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club recorded bass and backing vocals on Who Sold My Generation. His basslines are easily recognizable and contribute to the vehemence of the record. The album closer "Egypt Berry" is the most striking example of that vitality, capturing the pure essence of their fire in a tune that leaves you on a climax and a compulsive need to play the song and album again. 
"Turn The Lights", one of the most memorable numbers, has got a very charming and more nonchalant Bob Dylan vibe, reminding especially of From A Buick 6 on Highway 61 Revisited. Hail to the harmonica! 
Good revival consists of paying tribute to your influences whilst crafting songs which are just as catchy, leaving your own mark there, which is a mission Night Beats have accomplished hands down. "Celebration #1" appears to be delivered straight out of a time machine. Buy the truth and sell it not, as they once said, celebrate it instead, with heart, soul and poise.

Let the music flow and soak it in, these creatures of the night hold some magical power.
Join the psychedelic mass!  

Who Sold My Generation was released on Heavenly Recordings on January 29th. 

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