Tuesday, 3 May 2016


Novella, a literate name for a band that is equally evocative and metaphorical, with sibylline vocals à la Trish Keenan of Broadcast, layers of poetry induced fuzz and an art work which is to say the least thought provoking. This five-piece has the ability to be as ethereal as it can be voluptuous, as mysterious as it can be blunt, as lunar as it luminous, bursting with energies which are both earthy and spatial.
Their songs are even richer than their visuals, more sensual and masterly produced by Joshua Third aka Joshua Hayward, guitarist of the Horrors and Jonas Verijnen. The British band has easily recognizable atmospheres and imaginaires, arranged by Hayward, which may have certain similarities here, although Novella has its own identity and firmament.

Hollie Warren’s voice is instantly inviting, taking you straight to that promised Land with “Follow”, via a wide array of dreamy tapestries. Novella have an infectious charm about them, they have a whirlwind of influences which get the listener hooked, the hypnotic side of shoegaze with a different twist and energy, something otherworldly in its vocal harmonies that makes it quite unique, refreshing and bold at the same time. “Something Must Change” feels like a catapult, it catches you off guard and with its deliciously distorted guitars, then takes you to cloud nine in the blink of an eye. Layered fragments of bliss and sass.
The band succeeds in keeping the listener under its spell. They differentiate themselves by being real and enchanting, modern and yet timeless, ranging from knockout stormy numbers to swirling astral tunes, luring whoever like mermaids called nearby sailors. Pure and intelligent earcandy where vulnerability and euphoria coexist for the better and weave in and out. Novella have a realm of their own, let’s hope they keep that candor and fire to keep the listener enthralled… “Skies Open” is the last spaceship to an unknown destination, leaving a distinct halo on the band’s trail.   

Land was released on Sinderlyn Records in June 2015.

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