Wednesday, 12 October 2016


Dusk, the magic hour, a brief time period which occurs at the darkest stage of twilight, a term and moment very fitting for this band’s painterly eye. Their name sounds more apt than ever as they are expanding their canvas with this third work of art, a truly crepuscular, dreamlike and enigmatic record. Even more subtle than their first two, this one is more layered and discloses more refractions at each listen, sparks of scattered fragments, sprinkling sheer magic in its chords and keys rather elusively at first, constantly oscillating between plenitude and ellipsis, there lies their unique goldsmith touch and chemistry.

A record which sounds more introspective while retaining a distinct Velvet Underground touch, especially the self-titled third album with the (not so) veiled reference “Set Me Free”, marking an evolution musically with less guitars, more piano, a collection of songs which is more mellow and mysterious at the same time, taking the listener full circle via some bittersweet storytelling, they manage to craft some proper melancholic and longing sonic tapestries. Their instrumentation style reminds at times of Serge Gainsbourg circa Melody Nelson, the numbers all appear endowed with something underlying, a kind of silver lining that leaves a haunting imprint, which gets the listener hooked.
The final track “I can’t run anymore” is a striking example of that and  the most momentous tune on Dusk, it escalates and is wrapped in a cinematic halo, gradually slipping into another dimension, thus making the perfect open ending. It plays with your imagination and keeps you coming back for more.

Ultimate Painting has cunning ways to get under your skin, penning timeless songs which sound vastly different from most outings these days, they have remained in a musical poise of their own, which is refreshing and intellectually-stimulating in many ways. An introvert’s delight.

Dusk was released on Trouble In Mind Records on September, 30th.

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