Saturday, 11 December 2010


America had Lee and Nancy

France had Serge and Jane

And now Iceland has Henrik Björnsson and Elsa María Blöndal

The Singapore Sling frontman and his lady accomplice are singing mind game songs, ten tunes that sound like they are playing strip poker in Jack The Ripper’s manor, surrounded with traps, weapons of choice and skeletons in the closet. Spooky and arousing.

Vebeth strikes again, the Icelandic collective aggregates all the local gems.

Edgy and hypnotic like the rest of its peers, The Go Go Darkness emerges as a statement in style and sound. Cram some magnetic chemistry and lust, alcohol and blood, add some ethereal lascivious vocals and you’ll get a pulse of Dark Heart.

The album is an enigma that starts with a compulsive Re-Install My Heart.

Bring on the distortion and haunting voices, the love potion is to be drunk slowly, let it flow through your veins until you hear the pounding of your heart through the song’s beat.

As obscure, aesthetic and intellectually challenging as a David Lynch movie, Dark Heart will make each song a clue in the final riddle, with some progress “Radio Talk” and interludes “Never Again”, the watchword all the way through being longing.

"Soul Dust" will keep you on tenterhooks with its message of torture and its tribal spell :

“You treated me bad, I’m sick of your love, I ain’t never gonna touch you”

Chaos rules in "Two Count Decadence" then the delightful cornerstone "Vox Program Alcohol" lifts up spirits like a bottle of fine wine.

The first chapter of The Go Go Darkness ends with a one of a kind version of Charlie Feather’s “It’s Just That Song”. The riddle thus turns into a tidal wave of melancholy.

“It was a song that reminded me of her, won’t you leave me alone, please”.

Dark Heart is utter stimulating showdown , its mystery and charm revolve around love that exists but just cannot be or does not want to be fulfilled, in a I Love You, Me Either way. Strange love.

To Be Continued…

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