Wednesday, 15 December 2010


Australia holds some of the best treasures of the kingdom of psychedelia, the precious Lovetones from Sydney are one of them.
Back with their fifth record Lost, Matt Tow and co’s new delivery is a more mature work, poetically melodic as usual and endowed with divine melancholy.

Rich in metaphors and dreamscapes, it reaches a peak of stellar harmony initiated by “City Meets The Stars”. “Chinatown Busride” comes along as one of the finest pieces of storytelling the band has composed, a tale of mystery and unrequited love. Subtle, longing and intellectually stimulating, it may stand as the epitome of their songwriting craft.
Layers of ravishing guitars with the fifth Lovetone Rob Campanella from Brian Jonestown Massacre and The Quarter After and ambrosial vocals featuring the lovely Miranda Lee Richards on “Coming Home” forge the distinctive band’s leitmotive : majestic and timeless golddust.
An enchanting swirl of harpsichord makes the latter tune sound particularly graceful.
As reminiscent of the sixties as these aussies usually are, with their own touch and contemporary seal no less, “This Great Romance” surprisingly reminds of the late genius Elliott Smith, vocal-wise especially. It is no wonder here with the added melancholy and as they share the same level of heartfelt refinement and lyrical poise that strikes a chord.
Likewise but wholeheartedly retro and Lennon style, “Free Yourself” is a moment of pure bliss and awesomeness : so exquisite that it will melt your ears and heart.
There is only one downside to this album, it is one or two songs too short…too much of a good thing is never enough.

The Lovetones keep guiding us on their journey through sound, making a statement with each one of their works with much flair, an inspiring gift that casts them in a league of their own.
Now on their astral trail, they just need to grace the old continent with their presence to enlighten us all.

Lost was released on Planting Seeds Records

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