Wednesday, 15 December 2010


“Donde se Fabrican las Ciudades”

The Furies were the first band we ever interviewed for the Blog. They were called The Baseball Furies back then. We have always being interested in what they have to offer, and with the coming out of their first LP, what better occasion to get to talk about some things do we need?

First of all let’s declare, with my left hand forming a fist, rising in the air, that I’m a big fan. No embarrassment there, so yes, this will be quite a subjective review. You don’t like those, stop reading. But you know? It was about time this happens, about time that a band wakes up love for music in people again. This is, without a doubt, a band that makes people passionate. It almost feels the same as to supporting your favourite football team, and we all know I’m no footballer. But that is quite a good way to describe it, and I'm sure they'll agree.
The kind of passion that comes from the guts.

Now, this record came out to the light of us all, about a month and a half ago, and was officially released this past December 4th at the Piccolo Theatre. It was produced by the band, recorded and mixed by Norman McLoughlin (Jackson Souvenirs) and supported by Sadness Discos. The art was created by their very own artist and drummer, Juan Cruz Chiappara and designed by Ezequiel Esposito.
This was clearly and mostly, the work of friends. You can see that and feel it not only in the way they each took their time to make it happen, but also in the dedication they gave not only to the music, (and I have to stop for a moment and thank Norman McLoughlin for being such a talented man); but also to the attention given to the Art as well. That way this is not only a record, it’s a piece of combined art. And that’s quite priceless these days.

What to say about the music?
The first time I listened to it, I took these biblical amount of notes so I wouldn't forget how I felt, and now reading them again, that feeling became stronger.
The album holds 11 songs that take you through different states of mind, 11 songs that change the way you perceive reality.
Like a baptism, you begin your journey at the rhythm of a hymn that will follow you through the whole experience. The album is epic, and you can actually feel the collapse of different elements giving life to a new one.
This sound stampede not only feels as if Ennio Morricone was a character of the Martian Chronicles and you were in the presence of a galactic duel on a space western movie; but it also is definitely, Aldous Huxley’s discography.
It’s both erotic and shy, and it makes you rise to a state of such majesty, that is by no means trying to hide what it came to offer, a ride of the mind.
And that voyage is very clear and marked by the beginning and closure of the record, galloping at the end, with the sun coming down, leaving you the taste of the conquest.

Rank: Say Hello to the Angels!

Juan Cruz Chiappara


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