Friday, 21 January 2011

ALL IN THE GOLDEN AFTERNOON : Magic Lighthouse On The Infinite Sea

“All in the golden afternoon

Full leisurely we glide”

In a wonderous colorful universe

Filled with siren chants, eerie spirits and beyond forces

For both our troubadours with much skill

By great soundscapes are magnified

Ah delightful thee!

While Magic Lighthouse On The Infinite Sea shimmers

Our wanderings are picturesque

Advice From A Caterpillar is a lavish rainbow

Of mellow colors and sensations

Symphonies and spirits whisper and caress

30th and Sanchez will have you under a fairylike incurable spell

And Gulf Coast Highway brings back The Elevators’ Roller Coaster gimmick

Before Up All Night lets its electronic demons run

For A kaleidoscope of technicolor visions and hallucinations

The lordly Goldstars flash forth

In Space and Twilight Zones

With chiaroscuros, climaxes and unexpected twists

In gentle tones and starry nights

There shall not be a dull moment

Throughout this tale of white magic

Whilst the lighthouse magnetizes ships filled with lost souls

Which were endlessly roaming the sea

In fancy Poseidon and sea creatures pursue

The dream vessel moving through the ocean

And pirates’ ghosts howl on the infinite sea

Until they seek shelter in the Goldstars’ hazy melodies and mellifluous vocals

Thus grows the enchanting tale of the magic lighthouse on the infinite sea

Beneath the setting sun, ad vitam aeternam

Hail to All In The Golden Afternoon!

Magic Lighthouse On The Infinite Sea was released on December, 14th 2010

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