Tuesday, 15 February 2011


What is the strangest thing that happened to you in outerspace?

Listen to The Cult of Dom Keller EP 1, you will have a special encounter with the space whale, a humongous psychedelic spirit that will devour your spirit and senses, making it an otherwordly experience.

“Intro For The Sun” establishes the path from earthy and peaceful grounds to interstellar spaceland. Out of the blue, “The Goatskin Dream” grabs you entirely with its super-sonic feedback and discordant mental echo, starting an elaborate climax-shaped sound architecture that keeps evolving throughout the EP.

Stark and uncompromising, The Cult of Dom Keller’s riotous guitars cut like the sharpest knife while its lysergic character successively levitates you, rocks and rolls you and blows your head off.

Who knew that Nottingham was the epicenter of European psychedelia?

These fellas live in orbit, far from the ordinary crowd, in a realm of chaos vs osmosis, confusion vs clarity, color mood vs black hole. They sting like an army of bees, letting their sounds spiral on repeat into your mind, in a whirlwind of hallucinogenic mental pictures.

Their songs appear as “rough” inasmuch as they are by no means smooth or radiofriendly, they definitely aren’t the easiest listen for your average listener but once you get hooked by the infamous space whale, their soundscapes are proper mind-expanding eargasm. “Godshaker” itself represents disruptive tantalizing soul revelating shock therapy!

A truly sonic adventure, following in the footsteps of Spacemen 3 and Syd Barrett era Pink Floyd, the only cult worth following in the UK these days.

To be played at maximum volume!

The Cult of Dom Keller is part of the line-up of Austin Psych Fest 4.

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  1. Cannot wait to see these guys at Austin Psyche Fest in April.
    Really good review. EP1 is like a drug trip experiment. Quite beautiful really.
    EP2 which came out not long ago is equally if not more mind blowing.
    When you hear the full 10 minute opus that is Saguaro , jeeezus.
    I've changed my religion to cult of Dom Keller x