Friday, 11 March 2011


If 13th Floor Elevators had ever had a side-project with Link Wray, it would have sounded like… Night Beats. This three-piece from Seattle instantly strikes with its genuine dirty sound, an invigorating break from most current polished and soundalike bands. Saying that these creatures’ raw power is enticing is an understatement, it is vital thrill that could wake up the dead with its rolling waves of sharp fuzz guitars, hip shaking tribal beat and rhythmic pulse. Lust crammed in some noisy melodies and slick vocals.

The adequately named self-titled song H-Bomb’s energy feels like a catapult, the premise of a lysergic tidal wave that keeps flowing through your body and mind. These sonic warriors’ wild adventures are set in electric desertland, in the midst of voodoo witchcraft and solar intensity, a much esoteric dimension with infinite boundaries.

All tunes on the EP,“They Came In Through The Window” especially, are endowed with riffs so incisive that they seem possessed with devil spirit. Brain opium for sinners.

Drink your fill of the catalyst potion for some substantial psychedelic incantation!


  1. DiG!

    Another briliant release:
    The UFO Club / The Night Beats Split 10 inch