Tuesday, 14 June 2011

THE ASTEROID #4 : Hail To The Clear Figurines

*Asteroid : any of numerous small celestial bodies that revolve around the sun, with orbits lying chiefly between Mars and Jupiter. Asteroids are thought to be left over from the early formation of the solar system, when planetesimals were scattered after coming under Jupiter’s gravitational influence.*

With its sixth full-length album, the ablaze star that has been gracing us with its presence for nearly a decade keeps the prowess of enlightening us again all the way through, propelling us light years from our mere mortal ordinary world. Like the most precious things and perhaps too incandescent even for our solar system, The Asteroid #4 belongs in an exclusive dimension and galaxy, with the most refined aesthetics and an elegant and thorough sonic architecture that reinvents itself through various experimentations, while maintaining a vital essential beam, a translucent touch that makes the band so recognizable.

Scott Vitt's delectable vocals somehow lay the foundation of the band's lure, a one of a kind sound crafted by goldsmith musicians. The Asteroid #4 can be metaphorically regarded as a huge diamond soaring through outer space, a rare collection of lyrical and romantic tales of life and love.

Their previous effort These Flowers Of Ours was called a treasury of witchcraft and devilry, this new ode to psychedelia outshines it in terms of sophistication and orchestration, coming across more coherent and elaborate than ever.

Surprisingly contemporary , the opener “Wicked Wire” unleashes the rockier side of The Asteroids. Hail To The Clear Figurines marks a new chapter magnified by the wonderously baroque “Wild Opal Eyes”. Penned from a different angle or a vantage point, as mentioned in the song, this tune is a holy fragment of psychedelic anthology, heralding another magnitude and majestic tone, echoed in the title track “Hail To The Clear Figurines” with some more delightful harp.

“Vesta”, the brightest asteroid in our solar system is the next step , merely beaming on the surface and overflowing with magical light as a superpower... its radiations are a blessing. “The Unknown” as well is filled with solar intensity, so rich that it is almost like a vulcano that erupts with fiery guitars.

“In The Interest Of Captain Marbles” makes a picturesque and lively interlude ...the record goes punctually more electric with "Be Yourself By Yourself". The auroral atmosphere prevails, though. "A Sunny Day (One Afternoon)” abounds in longing, as an ode to a lost love and “Carnival” embraces troubadour spirit.

If there is a kingdom in space, the Asteroid #4 is for sure its sovereign and sits enthroned above us. How much further will it take us on its iridescent path? Hail to the Astounding 4, a very underrated band. Their Astral Majesties Request!


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