Tuesday, 21 June 2011


According to the Native American totems Antelope teaches listening to intuition, can teach you strength and courage in all areas and teaches how to overcome obstacles with a swift and gentle nature.

This and more can be also said about the Santa Lucía based band of 5; Felipe García (guitar), Silvana Noya (voice and tambourine), Sebastián Imoda (guitar), Esteban Polito (bass), and Pablo Cáceres (drums).
There’s such a variety of bands that come from this sacred circle of rock, that we can never get tired of listening to what it brings.
These guys, and gal, have been rocking for the past years and are about to release on its material edition (the partial online release was during 2010) their complete album, which carries the band’s name as title, was recorded on December 2009, and which I’ve been fortunate enough to listen to before its release.

And when we talk about Antilope we certainly have to talk about a sound stampede, for that is precisely what happens in our heads as we let the music sink in.
There’s a rich and not so easy to accomplish mix between psych and blues rock; Sil’s voice adds that extra ingredient of sweetness and guts that completes the whole rhythm ride.

On songs such as “No pasa nada en la ciudad” the psych-blues tension speaks for itself, almost like there was an inside battle between those two genres and they were constantly overcoming one another.

“Estampida” give us an inside look, an internal voyage and we’re suddenly called back to reality by a strong and fierce cry, both deep and at some points almost heart broken.

The guitars and base line are exquisite, both delicate and mad, a balanced equilibrium for a mental journey as can be heard in songs such as “Los crimes del futuro” with mind blowing percussion.

That same sense of overcoming obstacles that the Native Americans referred to Antelopes, are felt here, in every song there’s that feeling of a war that you need to struggle with in order to let the light in.
And these silhouettes of sounds that are drawn into our minds are in constant motion.
I always enjoy music that stimulates my brain, and these guys and gal, certainly do.
The animal, raw, basic instinct element can’t be unnamed for it exists and its very much alive trough-out the whole album, I’ve had the pleasure of experiencing Antilope live and these bad asses can handle it.
So the question that you guys will ask yourselves after listening to the album (the wait will be worth it, believe me) will be no other than: are you listening to your instincts?

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