Wednesday, 3 August 2011

ZAZA: Sacred Geometry




Far from the masses, these three souls make a perfect triangle of style and sound.

This mysterious band(e) à part is clearly timeless and cleverly unclassifiable.

Hailing from Brooklyn, these aesthetes have taken inspiration from different genres and spheres, building a voluptuous, both intense and fluid dreamy trademark sound that is uniquely their own, sensual and disarming vocals on layers of velvet guitars and lordly rhythm.

“Burn and Build” is the doorway to the band’s vibrant chemistry and spellbinding aura with its mingled voices, a luscious lust call made of dreamscapes with sharp highlights.

This is a sort of dream pop with substance that may appear minimalist at first but this is a musical signature in its own right and each listen unleashes and crystallizes a different side to their mark with a full variety of refractions.

A first listen will be the key to their domain but it will take more plays to explore those beautiful premises. Whilst doing so, you will irremediably get tangled up in those webs of celestial bliss.

Floating away on a cloud to a heaven for senses, our three characters draw their own musical essence from rich visuals and feels, so intellectually versatile and sophisticated that they come across as refined as a nouvelle vague film.

Taylor and Fraser are the leads in their own screenplay, think about François Truffaut movies where couples make relationships a whole adventure and whose art of living annihilates all kind of routine.

One needs outstanding class to achieve that and without a shadow of a doubt, this band possesses it.

ZAZA's Sacred Geometry is an escape, music to reflect on while stargazing, sounds that are like a guiding star and an antidote against monotony.

A scrumptious soundtrack to passionate nights.

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