Friday, 11 November 2011

CEREMONY : Not Tonight EP

Ladies and gentlemen, get ready for the new Ceremony, coming to you from a place in space.

From walls of sound can emerge the greatest celebration of music, sonic cathedral power galore !

Like a gem of opal with many shimmering reflections, Ceremony holds the miracle illumination.

« Not Tonight » builds a rotation within a ring of dark light, creating a luscious irradiating ignitor.

Drenched in irony as much as in feedback, « Leaves Me Cold » is quintessentially ceremonyish, turning distortion into delight, how noise and chaos extricate awesomeness with drum machine spinal kicks, erosive guitars and supremely suave vocals.

It will leave you aroused and yearning for more bitter sweet earcandy.

« Dreams Stripped Away » is the pinnacle of the party, a rank shoegaze number bound to be a classic. It is your ticket to plush levitation.

Beware of the voices, « Take You Down » is no party-pooper but a very sharp and lucid conclusion to a night of debauchery. It may as well be the end of a playful romance that disappears under the nighttime.

When the ceremony is over, there are no more space processions.

Stay tuned for more profuse cosmic happenings !

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