Friday, 11 November 2011


The new lords of shoegaze are no longer from the UK, they hail straight from Sydney, Australia.

Like their aussie legend peers, the aptly named Laurels sound like no one else, they are masters of their craft : a rollercoaster of luxurious sounds bursting all over the place, shambolically melodic and ablaze with intensity : a protean weapon of choice wall of sound made by four remarkable alchemists : Wilson on drums, Hannan on bass and guitarists and vocalists Cornelius and O' Farrell, who give eargasms of warfare magnitude.

Hail to opulent sensations, an epiphany for the listener, songs that will get you higher than cloud nine with kicks as sharp as an army of knives. The Laurels never take the easy way out, they are sophisticated and yet carry that magical instant touch that gets you compulsively hooked. They are compound of several mantles that are the key to their mojo.

Within a few notes, « Black Cathedral » is able to grab the hell out of you, squeeze you to the core of the music, turn you upside down and fly you to the moon and back.

This definite touch of theirs can be rock solid or pop genius. Either way, it is cheeky and flows at the same time. Somewhere beneath their sovereign guitars and killer edges lie sparkles of Lennon's virtuosity, in the mellowness of « What She Does To Me » or « Run For Cover ».

If « Turn On Your Mind » doesn't blow that mind of yours, you are either deaf, numb or square. It is prodigal magic encapsulated in a tune with feel good dopamines and star powder. Hearing it is believing, believing in professional mindblowers.

« Merry Go Round » makes a perfect fitting sequel to Turn On Your Mind, another sphere of mind expanding visions and feels.

Music that makes you happy and transcends you at the same time.

Soul substance that resonates in your brains and guts.

In a current realm of conformity, The Laurels stand out with phenomenal flair and enrapturing chemistry.

Turn on your mind, spin Mesozoic EP until you can catch the crown jewels live, they are the music makers and they are the dreamers of dreams !

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