Saturday, 19 November 2011

THE PSYCHOCANDIES : You Feel The Sun (I Kiss The Floor) EP

« Like the succulence of pure opium itself »

The Psychocandies set high-flying standards, being named after the legendary Jesus & Mary Chain. Weltering in ice guitars and clenched up with cinematic tension and ellipsis as well as Lynchian lascivious atmosphere, their sound is tantalizing as a forbidden fruit, it is indeed intoxicating as poison and yet delightful as candy, a compelling indulgence to revel in from stem to stern. The band lives up to its stellar name.

This exhilarating charm springs from a clever contrast between sun and darkness, what is revealed and what is concealed, bliss and curse blowing hot and cold and leaving one’s imagination out of control.

"Laura Palmer’s Death" sets the tone as an evil opener, a pandora’s box spreading doom all over. The higher they come, the harder they fall…

Like a mystery ride to an unknown destination, wicked riffs take you to darklands, somewhere at the crossroads of dreamland and mind games. Dig this, French musicians can be hypnotists too! These five songs will insinuate themselves into your mind, as hard as prescription drugs and faster than a shot of bourbon. A mesmeric crash in layers of velvet, scratches with claws, drops of blood, blindfolds and ethylic coma.

Decadent and delectable.


  1. Thank you Lady Godiva for introducing me to the Psychocandies. Sounds like a long lost Marychain ep from the mid 80's. If I can't have a new Marychain album to listen to, I'll definitely reach for the Psychocandies. I'm looking forward to hearing their full length album and more from them and your next posting.