Friday, 2 December 2011


Cover art by Diego Arrighetti.

Ufesas have always been a force, a force pushing foward.
So it wasn’t a surprise to hear their self-titled LP and feel the strength driving you on, and turning you on as well. The pulse, the body always moving and the guts to take the ride.
This was a very much anticipated LP, quite a lot of people were waiting to hear it and so it was a communion of joy among all of us who love this band when it was finally released.
It was recorded at Sondor Studios (Montevideo, Uruguay), one of the most important and traditional studios of Uruguay, where legendary artists such as Eduardo Mateo, Alfredo Zitarrosa, Pappo; and other great bands of our time such as Revolver and HPLE have recorded their art.
With aditional recording at Folie a Deux studios (Canelones, Uruguay); engineered and mixed by Nicolás Demczylo (and let me stop here and say that he might be my favourite contemporary uruguayan engineer), and produced by Ufesas, who wouldn’t give up the DIY spirit even at gun point.
It has guest appearances as well, Arri’s percussion on "Part of the night" and Héctor Barceló (from Ravengers) as the creepy trumpet on the same song. The cover photograph is by Diego Arrighetti, the album design by Federico Bolagno and it was released once more by Droehnhaus Records (Germany).

There’s no doubt this is a much more mature work, the guys have grown, the kids have left home. It’s obvious to us who have been listening from the beginning that things have happened, life has happened and that they’ve managed to come out of it victorious with an album that has gone deeper into the mind sounds and the very concept of feeling the music.
Ufesas is not a band to just listen to, is a band to get lost into, one must let them take you wherever their sound might take you and just let it be, otherwise the journey is dead from the start.
And it’s a much darker sound, much more stoner rock than hard rock, as it was before. But you have a song like “Part of the night” that is completely different, Ufesas sound has the courage that only being certain of your sound can bring. It’s a dark sound, an unafraid sound. These guys are not afraid of the dark.
That song might be the answer to what Ufesas is to me. A never stoping moving force that passes thru different states that grow until it explodes, to not dissapear, but to remain in everything. Ufesas still play their songs as every song should always be played, as if was the last time.
I don’t listen to music just with my ears, I listen to music with my stomach, with my groin, with my sex, with my soul. That being said, I’ll say something to some people that might not understand what it is to really feel part of a sound so much that it heals you. The same people that will never understand my subjective taste and point of view (which will forever remain subjective): fuck you.
Ufesas manda.


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