Thursday, 10 May 2012


Few bands are able to synthesize a variety of genres and in the realm of music, it has been more common to take the easy way out.

The last decade has indeed been filled with revival and while it takes talent to be a proficient revivalist, it requires even more prowess to overcome influences and produce a sound of one’s own, extracting the holy grail.

Disappears is one of those rare weapons of choice that instantly catch your attention because they sound different and keep it high with grinding guitars and a slick rhythm section courtesy of the one and only Steve Shelley, wonderous chemistry in a torrent of fuzz.
The Chicago four-piece knows how to sound equally minimalist and immoderate, in your face and refined, raw and yet bone chilling all at once. It would be reductive to peg a band that has so much going for them but they sort of have the best of both worlds in my book : the ominous edge of post punk and the hypnotism of shoegaze.

Their third effort since their debut album Lux, this is their most straightforward and magnetic record to date : layered distortion wrapped in crystal, a rough diamond, textural and complex. 
Brian Case’s vocals are oddly reminiscent of  Mark E. Smith and complement his profuse style, giving it a twist.

Pre Language echoes through your mind through utterly stimulating repetition. 
You will be consumed with love drug and experience Disappears withdrawals, this is pure adrenaline for people with substance and fiends.
To be played at maximum volume and compulsorily prescribed live for electrifying results!

This is not replicate for sure, this is diabolically real. 

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