Saturday, 2 June 2012


In the Mood for Lust...

Feverish crooning, infinite sunsets, suave atmosphere, pin-ups in 50s style dresses, songs for lost souls and sinners.

Film buffs will reminisce of Terence Malick's first film and masterpiece as it bears the same title. It is equally dreamlike, ethereal, dark and enigmatic, the anatomy of a dream with violent outbursts, as mellow and captivating as Holly (Sissy Spacek)'s voice and narration and yet disturbing or nerve racking and convoluted at times, like Kit (Charlie Sheen)'s temper in the movie.

Alex Zhang Hungtai excels at dragging red herrings, using a smoke-screen, thus propelling the adrift listener to uncanny turfs,  filled with bliss and sexually charged angst with an arcane and foreboding ambiance.

Badlands is compound of anthems which sound oddly « classic » in a paramount sense and yet truly exotic. This is an ode to old-school crooning, melancholic and longing with blurry boundaries that unsettle whilst stimulating and arousing you. With rustles on top of reverb for enhanced sensuality, Hungtai's voice is delightfully melodic and low-pitched and leaves a lasting imprint.

A conceptual and aesthetic lo-fi wager, this is a flawless soundtrack for endless summer nights, a one of a kind score which should be exclusively heard on vinyl.
Crackles have never sounded sexier.

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