Sunday, 8 July 2012

CATHODE RAY EYES : The Life And Death Of Cathode Ray Eyes

 "Color My Life With The Trouble Of Chaos"

"The Life & Death of Cathode Ray Eyes", the story of a cursed character whose mere existence is like a broken clock, blazing his path with a blindfold in a soulless world. 
These are the adventures of a man fighting off doom and outsmarting death, albeit briefly. Listen to his journey in sound and follow his fate...

Cathode Ray Eyes is alone and knows his existence is ephemeral, his time is almost up. He strolls through life with no fear, getting his last fix of adrenaline, overcoming alienation. "Get me out of here before I lose control!".

Being his own dog in a non-sensical universe, the songs of Cathode Ray Eyes give the impression of playing russian roulette in one's sleep, flirting with disaster and trespassing. This is a one of a kind collage of borderline apocalyptic mental pictures, yet in the heart of this chaos come moments of full harmony. Songs jostle together, providing a vivid effect. 

If you are familiar with the work of The Cult Of Dom Keller, you won't be surprised to hear that this is the one-man side project of the brilliant Ryan Del Gaudio, vocalist and guitarist with Dom Keller. 
Like his main project, this is cryptic, lo/fi, visionary music, innovative sounds that come straight from both the soul and the gutts. 

Bitter-sweet lullabies and coffin-time stories for insider listeners. 

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