Friday, 31 August 2012


((( Laurels )))

A tangible symbol of distinction

The Laurels, an apt name for a band which is eminently proficient, the crown jewels of down under. 

These four sound goldsmiths bestow a whole new meaning on the word melodic, their songs indeed possess the purity of gold and the effulgence of gems, this gift legendary songwriters are blessed with : to craft tunes that are "universal", that is to say tunes that can appeal to many people and furthermore transcend that by being timeless. 

The band's sound cannot be dated in time, it is rather defined in light years, from a lordly collision of planets in outer space.

Plains encompasses plenteous soundscapes with plush layers. The more you hear the record, the deeper the songs appear, with trademark incandescent guitars that get under you skin and even flow through your veins for growing soundgasms. 
A masterstroke. 

"This City Is Coming Down" and "Sway Me Down Gently" are both epitomes of the band's mojo : a kaleidoscope of images and sensations,  turned into music from drops of an elixir of wizardry. 
The secret that lies beneath this is the four piece's striking chemistry, which blows one's mind when one gets to see them live.

Long live Australia's emblem of victory, these dream song cobblers are unparalleled !

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