Sunday, 21 October 2012

TALES OF MURDER AND DUST : Hallucination Of Beauty

To gaze at the sleeve of Hallucination of Beauty is to get instantly hypnotized by way of  a phosphene, that is the effect of seeing light without having light enter the eye.
This phosphene bullet hails from the middle of nowhere in Denmark and as a rough diamond, hits you with its many refractions.

What is these Scandinavians’ weapon of choice made of?
These northern outlaws’ niche is versatile, they have many strings to their bow, their instruments are loaded like guns but filled with the magic of western psychedelic shoegaze

Clearly out of time, their whole charm is otherwordly. They get you right through the heart, then their snake charming melodies spiral through your mind.
Suave and heady, the Hallucination of Beauty is as lethal as a deadly perfume. Mysterious as can be, each track goes deeper in terms of layer until they hit the bull’s eye with “Dead Eyes”.
This is a tale of sonic enchantment : a spell crammed into eight songs of love and hate, sprinkled with gun powder.

Tales Of Murder and Dust, a poetic and cinematic name perfectly suited to a band which takes you to eerie desertlands and whose impact is as blunt as a gunshot and haunting as a crime scene.

Surrender to the Hallucination of Beauty, you may not come back to the "real world". This is enhanced music, what one calls an experience.