Tuesday, 6 November 2012

THE VANDELLES : Strange Girls Don't Cry

In 2008, a bad volcano erupted with lavish intensity, word spread like lava and put The Vandelles on the map. Those badasses from Brooklyn are now back with a sophomore record and still alive and kicking on the Richter Magnitude Scale.

Strange Girls Don’t Cry bursts with primal energy and brings sexy back with its glamour sophistication, a bitter sweet varnish, that does not lessen the sound impact but on the contrary, substantiates it.
This is fuzzy punk rock’n’roll with a fifties twist, almost classic but with a kink that makes the charm operate.
Unlike some its peers, this band is gifted enough to overcome all influences and to make every bit of sound sound all theirs.
Watch out for their dark side, they can be as sonically annihilating as The December Sound and yet filled with heartmelting candy.
Four complementary kamikazes lie beneath this wave of sound, individuals who know how to craft spot on pieces of music, songs that are equally catchy, clever, edgy and well-rounded.
Their debut effort Del Black Aloha was already a highly coherent collection of songs, so is this new record but the tracks all possess a hit potential , they aren’t as raw and are more polished, with added groove and sensuality.
Strange Girls Don’t Cry is compound of nine songs that nail it hard, arouse and surprise the listener with all kind of kicks,  like iron fists in velvet gloves.

This is the real deal, a record that brightens up this season and is to be enjoyed immoderately.
Long live The Vandelles !


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