Friday, 9 November 2012

DOMA: La Sombra del Fuego

Lately I've been drawn to listening to heavier music. 
I've been introduced by some friends to more and more of stoner, doom and dark psychedelic rock, and I've found myself not only pleased but moved, sort of hypnotized, hence I'm always trying to find new bands to listen to. There's a whole movement worldwide that's awakening towards these paths in music, mostly in northern europe, cold weathers and hot devil's music; or maybe I'm more into it and I'm the one who's been awaken. Either way it's a joyride.
I've come across a band here, in Buenos Aires, that has the best of my favorite things to listen to nowadays, heavy blues and stoner rock, and as strange as it may sound to some, it also has a bit of a jazzy feel.
Sometimes I like to listen to a band the other way round, first I go to a concert and see them live and after that I listen to their album, and that's what happened with Doma and it was a match made in heaven.
Doma are a trio, Fer (guitar), Sebastian (Drums) and Negro (Bass), they just released their first album called "La Sombra del Fuego", which was recorded in January 2012 at El Attic studios by Patricio Claypole and Francisco Demichelis, it was produced by the band and Patricio Claypole as well. The album art was made by Cani.
The album holds ten songs, each and every one of them with a strong sense of power that blows your head off, they're literally a sound force and that can be experienced both live and on the album as well. There's also a sort of reminiscence of the past, the way their sound hits you, the dialogue between the guitar and the rhythmic base, it's like they're turning each other on, it is definitely the kind of sound that turns me on anyway.
Songs like "La regression de los Jinetes" or "El tema maldito" have a way of making your body move that's almost like a ritual, an african fertility dance. And like in an african ritual one gets lost inside it, our faces, our bodies, our sex dances into a trance, where what matters is the way we feel each other, there's no more separate beings, its a holy union, our past, present and future melt into one moment where the other is inside us. When music does that to you, then you're blessed by it, music is about connection, to ourselves yes, but most importantly towards others. I've felt very much like this the first time I listened to this album, of course it's not for the weak minded, you gotta also be ready to get into that, lose the need to control everything and let music control you. This feeling of driving force and surrender to the music is also in this album, it has the freshness of youth and the depth of lives that have walked a few miles, such equilibrium is exquisite.
The three of them have a relationship with the instruments they play that are both delicate, like you would be with something you care so much; and also strong, they're united with them, and that can only bring out fine musicians.
And there's also a place for improvisation yet they don't loose it, one feels that they actually connect with each other and that is also sensed in the album. I've found it quite spiritual, there's really no need for words (the band is instrumental) when you can speak thru your music.
I'm sure we'll be hearing a lot more from these guys in the near future.
We all need to be seduced by the dark side once in a while.


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  1. Great band bro! You should check for others bands there in buenos aires, a lot of good stoner doom psychdelic scene! lot of bands! cabrocordero, dragonauta, sutrah, stilte, poseidotica, and a huge ETC.