Monday, 12 November 2012


If you are in need of a sonic experiment, you should get lost in the arcaneness of Luis Vasquez’s mind. The mastermind is tightening his grip with his new record Zeros, playing with the listener like a spider with its prey. One gets trapped in a foreboding claustrophobic universe, high on adrenaline and with literally no escape.

Unflinching and angst-ridden, The Soft Moon delights in razor-sharp rhythms and tight song textures, opaque labyrinths with ominous spirits and silent voices, hallucinogenic music that may give you cold sweats.
The dark side of the Soft Moon can be metaphorically viewed as a bone-chilling fist fight between the shadows of Ian Curtis and Robert Smith, however it is primarily the Oakland band’s own idiosyncrasies that make the sound killing : palpable tension like an army of little dancing insects clenched up in cinematic soundscapes that could trigger delirium tremens.
One must first accept frustration to experience The Soft Moon to the full, music which is often borderline  and whose edginess echoes upon one’s mind, like a psychotropic, in half-consciousness, it is then the bluriness of boundaries, that fine line between reality and fantasy, that makes one surrender and jubilate.
“Want”, the penultimate track, is the most striking example of The Soft Moon mental effect, sound that is so intrinsically nightly and oppressive that it puts you to the test.
The lack of consistent vocals contributes to a dehumanized, eerie and tribal climate, this is definitely not music that may leave you dry, it can either unsettle you as a worst case scenario or occupy every bit of your mind and get under your skin like a disease.

Vasquez & Co are warlock scientists who perform staggering surgeries on the human mind and thus make Zeros a manifesto of evil sorcery, neo post-punk at its best.
Join the black mass for mind games and electric shock releases!

My album of the year without a shadow of a doubt.

Zeros was released in the USA on October, 30th and in Europe on November, 5th.

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