Sunday, 18 November 2012

Interview with DUNCAN MCKNIGHT

A few years ago, back in myspace time, I stumbled upon the song “Six Feet Underground” and got instantly smitten with the Berlin based band The Virgin Tongues. Their lead singer and guitarist Duncan McKnight is a multi-instrumentalist young talent from California who was also part of The Flaming Banshees and has crafted solo tunes for many years.
I asked Duncan a few questions about music and life:

LG:  How old were you when you started making music and who inspired you then?

Duncan: I started tinkering around with piano when I was still in diapers.
haha. but it was not until I found guitar, weed, and Pink Floyd that
things really got out of hand.

LG:  What was the first record you owned or bought and what was the first concert
you attended?

Duncan: The first record I owned, or first two, were The Doors - LA Woman and
Nirvana - In Utero. I remember how much I loved them, but my religious
zealot guardians would always steal them and hide them... you know,
the "Devil's music". Look what good they did!

LG:  If you could perform or record with anyone, who would it be and why?

Duncan: Well, most people I would want to jam with are passed, (John Lennon,
Gram Parsons, Syd Barrett, Marc Bolan etc.) but as for current music i
would have to say I really like Kurt Vile but that would be more of a
sit on a porch and play with acoustic guitars type thing. If i wanted
to rock I would love to play with The Black Angels or Singapore Sling.

LG: Do you have a favorite album or a few favorite ones that you can't live
without? If so, what is it/are they?

Duncan: Well, my musical tastes are so broad so my answer to this question
would probably change considerably over time. Right now I am listening
to a lot of Neu! and the Gun Club.

LG: You have spent some time in Berlin and Iceland, do you feel that living far
away has influenced you?
What were the best things about being there? (in general, creatively and

Duncan: Berlin for me was always very 80s. It has a vibe of being in cold post
war rubble, with a lot of partying and carousing going on but I guess you can hear how
Berlin made me feel in my song "six feet underground". I wrote that
when I was still new there. I would have to say yes, it changed me
greatly, and met many people there and played many shows. Opening for
The Kills was probably the funnest/most people.
As for Iceland, I don't like to talk about it.

LG: Can you tell me about your current musical project?

Duncan: Right now I am just getting back to the nitty gritty of things. I have
always made music on my own, and played all the instruments. so put me
in a room with an 8 track and instruments and off i go. So yes I would
like to form another band as I like playing with others, but hey, its
hard to find, I guess. Bands either happen or they don't. You can't
force it, it's like having a relationship i guess but I write and sing
and play shows on my own for now.

LG: What do you think of the music scene nowadays? What are the best bands in
your opinion?

Duncan: I think the best "scenes" always come out after the fact, when people
are in it and doing what they love surrounded by friends. As for
current acts, I really like(d) Jay Reatard, Ty Segall, The Black Lips,
and a lot of the garage/surf/punk/psychedelia that’s come out of the
West Coast. (where I'm located now, California uber alles!) did I
mention Magic Castles? I love them.
I would have to say though that Singapore Sling and Dead Skeletons are
high up on my list. Being as they are all such good friends and just
great people in general. Nonni from DS changed my life, he was like a
father figure to me. He Who Fears Death Cannot Enjoy Life!

You can listen to Duncan’s songs at the following address:

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