Monday, 19 November 2012


Who could tell that The Dove and The Wolf hail from the City of Lights?
Ultra-melodic and bucolic, this heartfelt flow of sound instantly makes you aim for the great outdoors, country houses, long walks by the shore and romantic heart to hearts.
Once upon a time, these two young ladies were residents of the North Country, “where the winds hit heavy on the borderline” and where they had found their original moniker.
Their seminal “godfathers” Dylan and Cash have been watching over them. 

This is a dazzling debut EP, compound of four bitter-sweet pieces of storytelling, tales that remind you of a former love, make you yearn for freedom and torn between what you possess and what you desire.
An expression of pure melancholy, the EP is the work of sound goldsmiths whose delightful vocal harmonies strike arrows right through the heart. “On The Other Side” is a song which makes you want to leave everything behind.
If you need an escape in spirit, you hold the proper soundtrack to be propelled overseas in the blink of an eye.
Paloma the Dove and Louise the Wolf give us a breath of fresh air with this promising debut, far from any trend : unadorned folk which sounds fully authentic and whose soulful charm enraptures the listener live.
Bands like this are few and far between, let’s bow down to them.

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