Tuesday, 28 May 2013


According to the legend, the original peeping tom was struck blind as he watched Lady Godiva ride naked, The Velvet  Underground even wrote a song about it.

Contemporary peeping toms Charlie Boyer & The Voyeurs have obviously not lost senses listening to the Velvets and in the light of their staggering debut album, they may even have had an epiphany.
A refreshing and yet thorough and mature effort, Clarietta possesses the extravagance of a modern White Light, White Heat  that got sprinkled with their own mojo.  
A flaming record in all respects with richly crafted tunes, sharp guitars and bedazzling organ, it sounds surprisingly timeless, overcoming its influences.
Boyer’s vocal signature is an instrument as such with whimsical gimmicks, in the legacy of Richard Hell and Tom Verlaine. Likewise, the band’s organ sound is a trademark and can be reminiscent of The Warlocks circa Phoenix, long lost cousins from across the ocean.

A groovy manifesto for sinners and party animals, Clarietta rips the heart out of minimalism and kicks the ass of dull neo-psychedelia.

Be glamorous, listen to the Voyeurs!

Clarietta was released on Heavenly on May, 27th 2013.


  1. Magnificent! Thanks for bringing this gem into my world.